1. Master Morteza Rassam Nakhjavani, was born in Tabriz, Iran in 1915. Due to his keen interest in Painting in his childhood, well known cultural icons, and the founders of Tabriz National Library, Mohammad and Hossein Nakhjavani, provided the opportunity for Morteza to receive teaching from Master Mir Mosavver Arjhangi at Azarbaijan Fine Arts Organization.
Ostad received the highest degree in Fine Arts from Tehran Fine Arts organization after going through instruction with Master Heydariyan, who was one of the distinguished students of Master Kamal ol Molk and was teaching in the school of kamal ol molk at that time.

He returned to Tabriz afterwards and was hired by the Board of Education, and then by former Ministry of Culture and Art to teach at the Mirak School of Art. He has taught many students since then.
Ostad Nakhjavani was also a distinguished photographer in addition to being a painter and painting Instructor. His photographs are very well known.

2. Ostad Nakhjavani had a particular style in Water Color Painting, and his water color paintings have particular characteristics. He has created many works of oil paint, and water color from scenery, and villages of Azarbaijan and has portrayed traditional architecture and villagersí customs in his art. Ostad has also portrayed scientific, cultural, and political scholars who were friends with him.
Ostad Nakhjavani retired from the Ministry of Culture as a Master Art Professional in1978, and in 1981,he received the highest Degree in Art, Doctorate, in recognition of his lifelong dedication to art and his scholarly creativity.

Ostad was more isolated in the last years of his life ( Ostad preferred to spend more time on his own in the last years of his life ) and He did not socialize with many people except with a few of his friends, and students.

3. In 2000, Ostad was diagnosed with Leukemia which kept him under observation and treatment since then. He was admitted to Shahid Madani Hospital in Tabriz due to his worsened condition where He was under special care of his physician and hospital staff.

Ostad suffered almost three years from his illness, and eventually after staying in the hospital for twenty days, He passed away at the age of eighty eight at his own home in the company of all of his family members at the hour of 23:30 on Wednesday 30 jul 2003.